De Regeneratione by Böhme, Jakob - 1779

De Regeneratione by Böhme, Jakob - 1779

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De Regeneratione by Böhme, Jakob

A Scarce 1779 copy of Jakob Böhme’s 'Regeneration'; the pages are loose-bound in a thick textured paper, and the frontispiece is at the back of the book. The contents are complete and the pages are in fairly good condition. 48 page, text in German

Perfect for having this original text rebound into a beautiful hardcover!

This is part 3 of his work entitled ‘The way to Christ discovered and described in the following treatises. 1. Of true repentance. 2. Of true resignation. 3. Of regeneration. 4. Of the supersensual life, by Jacob Behme. To which are added some other pieces relative to the same subjects as also a treatise on the four complexions.

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