The Seminoles by McReynolds, Edwin C. - 1967

The Seminoles by McReynolds, Edwin C. - 1967


The Seminoles by McReynolds, Edwin C.

Ex-lib 1967 University of Oklahoma Press

This is the history of a remarkable nation, the only Indian tribe that never officially made peace with the United States. General Thomas Sidney Jesup admired the Seminoles as adversaries: "We have, at no former period in our history, had to contend with so formidable an enemy. No Seminole proves false to his country, nor has a single instance occurred of a first rate warrior having surrendered." Jesup made those comments in 1837, and they proved true throughout the Seminole-white confrontations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Portions of the Seminoles’ story-particularly their wars-have been told, but until this book no extensive history of the tribe had been written. Here is the record of those dauntless people, who were tricked, robbed, defrauded, and abused. The origins of the tribe, the complex problems concerning their rights in Florida, the military operations against them, their forced removal to Indian Territory, their role in the Civil War, and their adjustment to life in the West are important elements of the book.

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