1950s Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities + Folklore 1944

1950s Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities + Folklore 1944


Old Time New England: The Bulletin of The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities Harrison Gray Otis House Boston For Summer, and Fall 1952 Spring, Fall, and Winter 1953 Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 1954

Each bulletin includes History from various places in New England, 40 pages in each.

Repair and Restoration of Eleazer Arnold’s Splendid Mansion, Country Sear of a Gentleman, Old New England Decoys, Debating Societies in the Old New England Academies, Which John James was born in Boston in 1736?

Round Houses of New England, The “Scotch” Boardman House, Rail Fences East of the Penobscot,

A Traveler of 1777, The Unknown Webster, They Sought an Education, A New England Town Band, Smiths Castle at Cocumscussoc, The Janet Waring Collection of Stencils, William Sprats and his Civil and Ecclesiastical Architecture in New England, Old Time New Englander Primer of Preservation; Furniture, Pipe Organs of New England, Built of White Oak, Old Time New England Primer of Preservation: Books and Manuscripts. And Amusements and athletics in Old New England Academies, and more.  Two of the nine have information on the foundation itself, and there are still articles of interest in them as well, however they do include a lot of reporting facts and figures.


The New England Notes and Queries for January of 1890

32 pages, of notes, historical questions by readers, Announcements of genealogical reference, Magazines and Books recently published about New England,

Covers are worn, contents good with uncut pages.

32 pages total.



Published by

The American Folklore Society

October-December 1944


The Ghosts of New York: An Analytical Study

A Melanesian Culture, contact myth in ‘Pidgin English”

A Carib (Kamarakoto) Myth from Venezuela

Various Notes, news book reviews, etc.

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