Little America by Byrd, Admiral - 1930 1st Edition

Little America by Byrd, Admiral - 1930 1st Edition


Little America, Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic, The Flight to the South Pole By Byrd, Richard Rear Admiral, U.S.N., Ret.

1930 Hardcover 1st Edition Published by Putnams With 74 illustrations and maps, 416 pages

American hero and explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr. tells the story of his first journey through Antarctica and the founding of a series of camps and bases referred to as “Little America.” Over the years, many similar areas were developed as camps and research areas on Byrd’s Antarctic missions, but the founding of “Little America” required great courage and leadership. In awe of the unforgiving landscape, he eagerly met its treacherous challenges. Byrd outlines the blueprint for his first mission to Antarctica and provides a glimpse into the obstacles he and his team overcame at the world’s end. 

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