Lucifer Rising by Baddeley, Gavin - 1st Edition 1999

Lucifer Rising by Baddeley, Gavin - 1st Edition 1999


Lucifer Rising by Baddeley, Gavin

1999 1st Edition Softcover

It’s only natural that rock and roll 'the devil’s music' and Satanism should be intimately linked. Lucifer Rising explores this unique cultural confluence. Divided into three parts, the book first traces the history of Satanism, from the birth of the Black Mass through the fashionable sinners of the Hellfire Club. The second section examines Satanism in the 20th century, including Aleister Crowley, the formation of the Church of Satan, the Manson Family, and the rise of occult-influenced bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

The book’s third part looks at the new waves of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and the Scandinavian Black Metal scene; the murder case surrounding the band Burzum; the neo-Nazi element; and the religious right’s courtroom pursuit of heavy metal. Lavishly illustrated throughout with graphics, medieval woodcarvings, and stunning photographs, the book also contains entertainingly cynical comment from Anton LaVey, in one of his last in-depth interviews.

From the Old Testament to the electric guitar and beyond, the text presents an argument that that, if we are a Judeo-Christian culture, then Satanism represents the definitive counterculture.

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