Magick by Crowley, Aleister - fine/mint condition

Magick by Crowley, Aleister - fine/mint condition


Magick by Crowley, Aleister; edited/introduced by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant

1987 fine condition hardcover with excellent Dust Jacket; no markings. Some of the photo editing came out wonky, but rest assured that there are zero defects/markings on this book. As new as the day it was bought. Published by Samuel Weiser

Book 4 Parts 1, 2 & 3. Considered by some to be Crowley's masterpiece. Part One deals with the principles of yoga. Part Two explains the meanings of the temple, circle and instruments of the magickal art, while Part Three (Magick in Theory and Practice) constituting the major part contains his own system of practical occultism. Contains the principles of practical magick, which includes establishing contact with extra-terrestrial entities for the purpose of expanding human consciousness and knowledge. Crowley drew on knowledge from the Golden Dawn, Tantric and Alchemical sources. Edited, annotated and introduced by Symonds & Grant. Reprinted. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 

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