Sadism In Sex by Dorian, Lee - 1965 GGA Sleaze Pulp

 Sadism In Sex by Dorian, Lee - 1965 GGA Sleaze Pulp


 Sadism In Sex by Dorian, Lee

1965 pulp softcover; by L. S. Publications & Imperial Book

Studies have shown that some form of sadism is always present in sex, but usually, in civilized countries, it is a more or less harmless form. It was not always so. This review of sex crimes and criminals throughout history is primarily concerned with those extreme acts of sadistic mutilation and cannibalism, lust-murder and cannibalism, which emphasize the hunger, throughout the ages, for sadism as a necessary part of sex. The Roman Empire era, particularly, offers up a wealth of material to prove how a society glutted with worldly goods looked to sexual excesses of every variety for "thrills." This is a book that combines perversities with history, sex with lust, and past with present.

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