Sorcerers’ Village - Hassold Davis - 1st Edition 1955

Sorcerers’ Village - Hassold Davis - 1st Edition 1955


Sorcerers’ Village

by Davis, Hassold

1st Edition 1955 | New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce

Very Good Hardcover. Dust jacket has rubbing, small chip, scrapes, and edge wear. Book is in near fine condition. A Very Good (VG)-Near Fine (NF) example of an interesting little title.

An account of the authors experiences (with his wife Ruth) in the jungles of the Ivory Coast in search of a secret school of magicians and witch doctors. As they made their way to the Sorcerers Village, they heard tales of cannibalism along the Ivory Coast, attended and photographed the ceremonies at the coronation of an African king, and followed the old slave route. Davis tells how he was bewitched by an angry native, how he met up with the lovely, lethal Lobi tribe, whose culture demands that sons murder either their fathers or mothers to prove their manhood. he writes of the sex habits of the natives of the Baboon Society, whose members claw out the hearts oftheir victims, of the terrifying Birth-giving Dance and Snake Dance, of the legendary elephants graveyard which led to the death of the Ivory Coasts most famous elephant hunter. And finally he tells of the long sought village of Yho and its incredible school of apprentice sorcerers.

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